Unrelated Friday Hilarity!

Another Friday, another round of unrelated hilarity. Have a good weekend everybody! Remember to fap!

At least she’ll die quick…

"It was like this when you left"

Best use for it yet!


Daaaaaaamn son….

Looks legit…


Best. Christmas. Ever.

Just a little longer…

Can’t unsee!


"I don’t take no one’s sh$t!"

The Oscars! Apparently We All Shold Have Seen The Artist

Sooooooo the Oscar’s were on last night. If you’re anything like me and love film then you did not watch. Spending 3 hours of my life on a show that snubs Harry Potter and gets Billy Crystal to host for the 100th time. I loved Billy Crystal. I loved City Slickers, Monsters, Inc. (don’t judge), and When Harry Met Sally but plastic face Billy Crystal is not my Billy Crystal. He looks like a damn wax doll. Either way here is everything you might have missed! Enjoy!



funny celebrity pictures - Sacha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrest, Oscar Ashes

I hate Ryan Seacrest! So this is good.

Photos via icanhascheezburger.com

Douchebag Celebrities Hanging Out Together…

Awesome People Hanging Out is pretty cool Tumblr but it got me thinking though about all the douchebag celebrities that must hang out together and so I put together this wonderful collection of photos. Take it away douchebags…

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner (everything wrong with movies is right here)

T-Pain & Ke$ha

I’m not really counting Ricky Martin but the entire cast of Glee definitely makes up for it.

Flo Rida, Pitbull & David Guetta (everything that is wrong with music)

Beyonce & Blue Ivy. This a preemptive douche call that I would be shocked to find out I am wrong. I mean her name alone is douchey.

Ashton Kutcher & Wilmer Valderrama

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez & Jimmy Iovine (American Idol that’s f$cking why!)

Paris Hilton & Redfoo (LMFAO)

Donald Trump & Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith (What the f$ck is going on here?)

LMFAO & Justin Bieber (Such huge douchebags that they had to be on here twice!)

Jennifer Lopez, her ego & her ass (so much assh$leness in one photo)

Twilight Ruins Careers? Should Have Quit…

I don’t like using arrow to knee jokes as it has been overdone in numerous ways but I can’t help but take shots the gayest vampire since…nope. Can’t think of one. My only question to this is, when was the dude from Twilight respected in society? I only knew him as the guy who got avada kedavra’d by Wormtail.

internet memes - I Used to Be an Actor Like You

Photo via MEMEBASE.com

Paula Deen has Diabetes? Damn You Butter!

In the least shocking thing to ever happen, Paula Deen is set to announce that she has diabetes. Really? It’s sad but I can’t really say I feel bad for her. You can’t eat 40 pounds of butter a week and not expect that sh$t to have repercussions. In other shocking news, cats are funny, hipsters suck, Tim Tebow is a virgin, Barack Obama is half black and not a great President, all Twilight’s sucked, and mollusks are invertebrates.


Photo via MEMEBASE.com

(Source: thedaily.com)