Celebrity Zombies: They Never Go Away…Never…

Zombies.  They are everywhere in media and no one can escape their allure. Oooh. Allure. My hope is that one day zombies will overrun FOX News headquarters and that will be their most honest news day ever. Enjoy and check out all the images at link below.

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Tim Tebow Lost? God Must Be a Patriots Fan…

Poor Timmy T. My Falcons are already out of the playoffs so I’m not watching too much football but I did see parts of this game. I think after this loss we can safely assume that there will be a Tim Tebow stroy coming out that will involve hookers, cocaine, and a burnt anti-abortion pamphlets. I’m calling it now!

memes - Troll God's Been Playing This Game Since Jesus

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Paula Deen has Diabetes? Damn You Butter!

In the least shocking thing to ever happen, Paula Deen is set to announce that she has diabetes. Really? It’s sad but I can’t really say I feel bad for her. You can’t eat 40 pounds of butter a week and not expect that sh$t to have repercussions. In other shocking news, cats are funny, hipsters suck, Tim Tebow is a virgin, Barack Obama is half black and not a great President, all Twilight’s sucked, and mollusks are invertebrates.


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