Cholafied Celebrities! Why The Hell Not?!

I don’t know why this exist but I’m not here to ask but to post. All I can say is that Cholos and Cholas are a subculture in California and from what I can tell they have a f$cked up idea about beauty. Or inversely they have an amazing idea of beauty and we are the weird ones. Think about that for a second? Someone’s mind just got blown. Either way, enjoy!

They look like transvestites…

See what I did there?

Obligatory Nic Cage version:


Paula Deen has Diabetes? Damn You Butter!

In the least shocking thing to ever happen, Paula Deen is set to announce that she has diabetes. Really? It’s sad but I can’t really say I feel bad for her. You can’t eat 40 pounds of butter a week and not expect that sh$t to have repercussions. In other shocking news, cats are funny, hipsters suck, Tim Tebow is a virgin, Barack Obama is half black and not a great President, all Twilight’s sucked, and mollusks are invertebrates.


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