The Grammy’s: What The Internet Thought…

The collective mind is an amazing landscape that to my knowledge is 85% cats. Last night though, some brave souls watched the sh$t-fest and let us know what is most important to us Internet denizens. Here now is what the internet thought of the Grammy’s. Enjoy!

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Goddamn It Internet, Stop Trying To Spoil ME3!

I’m a huge Mass Effect fan! Unfortunately I have a PS3 so I never got to enjoy the awesome that was ME1 but regardless I love the series. I played ME2 4 times just to try and get all the endings. The last one had everyone dying on me. ME3 is supposed to come out on March 3rd and I am literally frothing at the mouth to play it. I have not read a single article on the game since August of last year just so I can have a great experience but with the game less than a month away the Internet is blowing up with teasers and spoilers. I beg you Internet, please stop. If the game sucks then let me find out about it on my couch as I break the 100 hour mark. I beg you!

And because I love you all, here are some awesome drawings!

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Internet is Back! Time to blow this sh$t up!

The internet is back! Took a day off from posting that not that anybody cared in honor of the protest. Now it’s back to regularly scheduled tomfoolery!

Here’s what I missed and the actual reaction from Congress.

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