Unrelated Friday Hilarity!

Another Friday, another round of unrelated hilarity. Have a good weekend everybody! Remember to fap!

At least she’ll die quick…

"It was like this when you left"

Best use for it yet!


Daaaaaaamn son….

Looks legit…


Best. Christmas. Ever.

Just a little longer…

Can’t unsee!


"I don’t take no one’s sh$t!"

Tim Tebow Lost? God Must Be a Patriots Fan…

Poor Timmy T. My Falcons are already out of the playoffs so I’m not watching too much football but I did see parts of this game. I think after this loss we can safely assume that there will be a Tim Tebow stroy coming out that will involve hookers, cocaine, and a burnt anti-abortion pamphlets. I’m calling it now!

memes - Troll God's Been Playing This Game Since Jesus

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