Love Dolls? Somehow That Sounds Worse Than Blow Up

Why do manufacturers call them Love Dolls? How does love factor in to any of this? Below you can find just a few of the most disturbing ones. I’m not kidding guys. This is going to get dark. NSFW. Enjoy everybody!

Why anybody would want to have sex with Snookie is beyond me.

Male equivalent

Now everyone can have sex with Charlie Sheen!

The plastic doll probably looks better than the actual Gaga.

I’m sorry but I think it’s criminal that the tag line isn’t this: “Big things come in small packages.” Criminal!

Female equivalent. Also Mini-Midget seems redundant.

Bareback, you say? STD’s, I say!

Wood for hole? Sounds legit.

Did I not say this was going to get dark?

What is she ready for? Bingo? Jeopardy? Either way I want no part of it!

New tag line: “Get yourself some hot bacon!”

Now I’m no expert but if you’re into fat chicks do you really need a “love doll” to have sex with? It seems like it would be an easy itch to scratch.

I approve of all these tag lines!

I have nothing to say to this other than, jesus f$cking christ! Plus she’s a girl. Why do she need this?

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This is very NSFW. Very! But it’s important for you ladies to see this. This is why men succeed. The all-mighty penis! Penis. Penis…power…penetrate…prison…porn…purple. Powerful words…

demotivational posters

demotivational posters - SIZE

Unrelated Friday Hilarity!

Another Friday, another round of unrelated hilarity. Have a good weekend everybody! Remember to fap!

At least she’ll die quick…

"It was like this when you left"

Best use for it yet!


Daaaaaaamn son….

Looks legit…


Best. Christmas. Ever.

Just a little longer…

Can’t unsee!

"I don’t take no one’s sh$t!"

TV Shows Make Bad Video Games? What A Shocker!

Hollywood loves to bleed money out of a product. They bleed it to the point that the by the time they are done with something all that will be left is dried up husk. A good way to dry the well up fast is to create video games on popular series’. I saw this article on Topless Robot and figured I would share it plus a few I found on my own. I want to point out that NONE of these games are any good. Below are some of the worst offenders. Enjoy!

Not even a digital version of Olivia Wilde could save this.

Maybe if the game had been all about Creed Bratton it would have been good.

This show is loved by people over the age of 50. 50! They don’t play video games!

Why? Just why?

"Let’s take a sh$tty Diney show and turn it in to a sh$tty video game. Cha-ching!"

That’s what teenagers want. Sh$tty games where the women keep their clothes on.

This one angers me because it could have been a good game, had someone actually cared enough to put time and effort into it.


This actually had a sequel. Think about that. Your head will explode.


I could sit here and tell you that I feel sorry for this girl but you know what? I don’t. She went down hard. It makes you wonder if she was possibly texting “ROFLMAO”. Enjoy!

memes - Forever Alone: Lean on Me

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This is a bit old but hilarious. This poor idiot proposed to his girlfriend on the Ellen show and failed miserably! The best part is that even though you can plainly see that this proposal is failing horribly the audience still gets up and cheers, and Ellen is celebrating, all while the poor guy is running out of the studio to cry and his soon to be ex is running after him. Fail. The lesson to all men is to stop proposing in public. Stop f$cking doing it. Even in the movies this sh$t doesn’t work all the time. So stop. At least this guy doesn’t have to deal with the following. Take it away, Professor!

memes - Penis Went WHERE?!?!

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The South Shall Rise Again!

Apparently in the South, when you mix beer, bears and old men you get this! Long live ‘Merica! Look away animals…look away…Chuck Testa is rolling over in an animals grave right now.

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