Mass Effect 3 Rage! Just Rage! Blarhargargh!

Soooooo yeah…is there anyone who hasn’t finished ME3 yet? I’m going to say that this is somewhat spoilerish so just skip over all this if you don’t want to see it. Enjoy the rage!!!!!

Also there are few petitions online. The first one is just for signatures. I would suggest signing it. Here is the link.

The other is actually raising money and currently sits at over $50,000. It’s going to children so it’s a good cause and it raises awareness. Here is the link. Back to the scheduled rage!

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Sacrificing story for gameplay? Biiiiiiiiiittttttccchhhh….Absolutely not! Great video detailing some of the PR issues of Bioware and EA though. Enjoy!

Commander Shepard Is Dying! On The User Rating On MetaCritic

Much like Modern Warfare 3 and Portal 2 before it, Mass Effect 3 is getting destroyed on the user ratings over at MetaCritic. I understood this type of trolling for MW3. I felt MW3 was the original MW with no advancement other than Elite. Truth be told though, I’m not the target market for MW. I’m not saying that Bioware and EA don’t deserve criticism for the handling of Mass Effect. This is hate for the sake of hate. I just want to point out the following to the people who are hating the game. You bought it. You hate it but you bought it. You can bitch and moan all you like but you still gave your $60 for a game that you think is utter sh$t. So who is winning?

Current scores: PC - 2.5, PS3 - 3.1, Xbox 360 - 4.3