Unrelated Friday Hilarity!

Another Friday, another round of unrelated hilarity. Have a good weekend everybody! Remember to fap!

At least she’ll die quick…

"It was like this when you left"

Best use for it yet!


Daaaaaaamn son….

Looks legit…


Best. Christmas. Ever.

Just a little longer…

Can’t unsee!


"I don’t take no one’s sh$t!"

Damn You Meth!!! Now You’re Killing Trees Too?

You know who Mother Nature hates? Meth user! Specifically Sarah Barnes. On January 16th, she burned down the 5th oldest tree in the world. Apparently, dear Sarah said this about the burning, “I can’t believe I burned down a tree older then Jesus”. What a sad day, folks. Sad, sad day. Don’t enjoy!

Photos via knowyourmeme.com

(Source: blogs.ajc.com)

Brazzers: A Simple Logo Makes Everything Dirty

If you don’t know what Brazzers is than you are of sound mind and heart. If you do know then you’re a man. I know this is a old but I’ve decided to dedicate an entry to it if only for the lulz. Enjoy the extreme inappropriateness!

Photos via knowyourmeme.com