Unrelated Friday Hilarity!

With every new Friday there comes a new Unrelated Friday Hilarity. Enjoy!

Put it back in your pants…

Just missed it!


Scumbag Universtiy

I have no idea what this is but I want to see more.

Aaaaawww fatty…

Forever Alone


Funny Animal Gifs - Penguins on a Plane

Better movie than Snakes On A Plane.

Chewbacca on a squirrel taking out Nazi’s equals mind fully blown…

When Did This Become The New Thing?

I love new memes! “When did this” asks the tough questions. So peer into your soul and decide what kind of person you are. The short is answer is you and society suck…

Here’s the original:

And here are all the better ones!


Photos via knowyourmeme.com

Animals playing with Ipads and Iphones will make your day better! Enjoy…