Winter Is Coming!

Brace yourself, April is almost here! EW just some images for Game of Thrones and they are awesome! April cannot come soon enough. Enjoy!

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Sacrificing story for gameplay? Biiiiiiiiiittttttccchhhh….Absolutely not! Great video detailing some of the PR issues of Bioware and EA though. Enjoy!

Just picked Mass Effect 3. I’m going to disappear for a few hours…or days…or maybe months.

Dear God, We Weren’t Ready For Golf!

Golf is fun! But only if you’re ready for it. Also I miss Conan, Max and Joel when they were all together. I like Andy Richter but he’s no Joel. Also Vince Neil has sucked for a while. Oh well…

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Mass Effect 3 official launch trailer. Tuesday cannot come fast enough! Enjoy! 

Now something to get that awful, just awful taste out of my mouth. Kenny Powers! Downtown Abbey! Together? F$cking glorious! Enjoy!

I know this is a bit old but seeing as we are now officially less than a week away from launch, at least in North America, I felt this needed to be posted. It all comes down to this Shepard vs. The Reapers for all the marbles…someone better show me Tali’s face this time goddamn it!