Last Day Of Black History Month! Let’s Celebrate!

It’s the official last day of Black History Month! Let’s celebrate with some vintage racism! Enjoy these wonderful ads that will leave many of you…what’s the word I’m looking for? F$cking stupified…enjoy!

Damn Kellogg’s…really? Cornfucius

I wonder which one it is…

Fried Chicken heah!

"Rough On Rats, Delicate On The Stomach"

What is she being paid for now then? Stand around and look oppressed?

She seems so sweet! Just going around the U.S. giving people pancakes

Dark Skin. White Heart. If only EVERYONE had white hearts…

That little girl is saying, “bitch please”!

Hoy Sh$t! That soap turned his skin white! They harnessed the power of God in soap form!

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