Damn You Meth!!! Now You’re Killing Trees Too?

You know who Mother Nature hates? Meth user! Specifically Sarah Barnes. On January 16th, she burned down the 5th oldest tree in the world. Apparently, dear Sarah said this about the burning, “I can’t believe I burned down a tree older then Jesus”. What a sad day, folks. Sad, sad day. Don’t enjoy!

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Last Day Of Black History Month! Let’s Celebrate!

It’s the official last day of Black History Month! Let’s celebrate with some vintage racism! Enjoy these wonderful ads that will leave many of you…what’s the word I’m looking for? F$cking stupified…enjoy!

Damn Kellogg’s…really? Cornfucius

I wonder which one it is…

Fried Chicken heah!

"Rough On Rats, Delicate On The Stomach"

What is she being paid for now then? Stand around and look oppressed?

She seems so sweet! Just going around the U.S. giving people pancakes

Dark Skin. White Heart. If only EVERYONE had white hearts…

That little girl is saying, “bitch please”!

Hoy Sh$t! That soap turned his skin white! They harnessed the power of God in soap form!

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I know this is a bit old but seeing as we are now officially less than a week away from launch, at least in North America, I felt this needed to be posted. It all comes down to this Shepard vs. The Reapers for all the marbles…someone better show me Tali’s face this time goddamn it!


Come on Hollywood! These movies are magical! But maybe we can replace Jimmy Fallon…


Posters for all of Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd’s Fake Movies | BuzzFeed

…that I wish were real.

This is why children are awesome! This little boy has never been introduced to gay couples and in less than a minute he accepts them. It just goes to show you that no one is born a close minded idiot, they just become that. Your move, close minded idiots!

Oh wait, they did respond?

Rick Santorum

Brazzers: A Simple Logo Makes Everything Dirty

If you don’t know what Brazzers is than you are of sound mind and heart. If you do know then you’re a man. I know this is a old but I’ve decided to dedicate an entry to it if only for the lulz. Enjoy the extreme inappropriateness!

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Man shoots himself. Doesn’t get money or admiration for it. Proves the stupidity of fat, single men everywhere. Way to go Chubbs!


Cholafied Celebrities! Why The Hell Not?!

I don’t know why this exist but I’m not here to ask but to post. All I can say is that Cholos and Cholas are a subculture in California and from what I can tell they have a f$cked up idea about beauty. Or inversely they have an amazing idea of beauty and we are the weird ones. Think about that for a second? Someone’s mind just got blown. Either way, enjoy!

They look like transvestites…

See what I did there?

Obligatory Nic Cage version:

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